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“I have worked closely with Blane for many years and have always found him to be personable, professional, pragmatic and very hard working. We look to our chosen monitoring surveyor to reflect our positive professional relationship with the Developer, and Pride IMS fulfil this role to the highest of standards. A quick turnaround is almost a given and essential in delivering the quality service our clients expect”

Daniel Joyce, Director – Close Brothers, Property Finance (Funder)

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"We have been extremely impressed with the professionalism and expertise demonstrated by Blane and the whole team at Pride Consulting throughout our collaboration. The team's deep knowledge and experience in project monitoring have been invaluable in identifying potential issues early on, allowing us to address them promptly and efficiently. Their proactive approach not only ensures the smooth progress of our projects but also enhances our confidence in achieving our goals. It's as if they are an extension of our own business, seamlessly integrating with our team and providing invaluable support every step of the way."

Alex Upton, Managing Director - Hampshire Bank Trust (Funder)

“Blane bridges the divide between acting for funders and working with developers better than any other monitoring surveyor I’ve worked with. He has vast experience and is technically very astute but has the commercial awareness needed to balance the requirements of the lender with the needs and timeframes of the developer. The end result is a seamless and time-efficient service that adds value to both parties. He is our monitoring surveyor of choice and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.”

Jon Morgan, Director – Juniper Homes (Borrower)

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"Blane is an RICS member who has truly achieved over and above his years in both his contribution to the industry, the profession and within the business. He has a relentless pursuit for excellence in himself and his team which is second to none. This, as well as his ability to lead, has meant that he has stepped up to a Managing Director role surpassing his peers. He has an outstanding reputation in the market which reflects his love of the profession and demonstrates how hard he works.’’

Chris Lindsey, Global Education and Qualification Standards Manager

– RICS (Regulatory Professional Governing Body)

“I have worked closely with Blane for a number of years and have always found him to be very professional, pragmatic and hard-working. As a funder, you look to your chosen monitoring surveyor to add real value to the project, whilst also forging a positive professional relationship with the Developer. Blane fulfils this role to the highest standards. Efficient service and a quick turnaround are almost a given and essential to our business, but the ability to highlight any potential problems as early as possible, cost overrun issues and any other pressure points are equally important and Blane has a very good understanding of our specific requirements. The clients respect his commerciality and technical knowledge and a number of our active, experienced developers specifically request working with Blane.”

Nigel Jackson, Senior Relationship Director – Paragon Bank plc (Funder)

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“I have worked with Blane for a number of years, as a monitoring surveyor we rely on his proactive and time efficient service which enables us to progress swiftly with our development projects and drawdowns which ultimately reflects on the Funders we partner with. My team respect the advice that Blane provides which adds value to our projects. Where we can we ask for Blane and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.”

Huw Evans, Managing Director – Quinn Estates (Borrower)

“I have worked with Blane for a number of years and he has always been my go-to contact. He is a great asset to the Funder, always going over and above for the success of the development. He takes great pride in his role as a monitoring surveyor which is demonstrated time and time again on his level of commitment and service to the Funder making him a trusted advisor.”

Gemma Squirrell, Operations Manager – LendInvest (Funder)

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“Blane provides a crucial role in the development, he has been monitoring surveyor on a number of our developments and we would highly recommend him to all the Banks and Funders that we partner with. Whilst his technical knowledge is superb, he will proactively challenge the project team every step of the way and add value to both Funder and Developer alike, ensuring the successful and timely delivery of the project. He provides an efficient service and swift drawdowns which helps us progress with our developments, which also positively reflects on the Banks and Funders that we partner with.

Adi Hodzic, Founder – Dean Street Developments (Borrower)

“Successful developers operate in unique ways. In addition to excellent technical abilities, Blane has a deep network through which he already knows a lot of developer clients in the UK real estate industry. In cases when he doesn’t know the client, he utilises his network to get an insight into their operations. Their technical abilities together with his thorough understanding of the client make him an ideal person to advise both the funders and the borrowers. Blane has advised us on numerous projects over the last 10 years and we have found him to be a key part of development projects being delivered successfully within budget and programme.”

AJ Shazad, Head of Real Estate UK – Global Growth Capital (Funder)

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 “We ask for Blane because we know that we need to surround the business with the best to ensure that the projects are successful. Blane has a true understanding of how property development works which is refreshing. The team and I have huge respect for Blane and value his advice.”

Andrew Lock, Founder – Imperial Penthouse (Borrower)

“Blane is my go-to monitoring surveyor, he has a wide network through which he already knows a lot of developer clients in the industry which is invaluable to a Funder. His pride and passion for monitoring surveying are demonstrated time and time again making him best in class. He is relentless in his pursuit for client service delivery and will go over and above on his and his teams' projects to ensure the successful delivery which reflects positively on the Funder and my clients.”

Emma Burke, Deal Origination – Maslow Capital LLP (Funder)

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“Development projects are often time-sensitive and complex. It is important to be able to trust that the team will understand the very detail of the process, raise issues but also work out solutions and do so before the deadline. I have worked for Blane for years and he’s always delivered for us. He is our monitoring surveyor of choice and I would have no hesitation in recommending him."

Vedrana Riley, CEO – Ciel Capital (Borrower)

“I have worked with Blane for a number of years and he has certainly become my first port of call for a new project. He always takes the time to understand a project and the client’s needs, forming great relationships and providing valuable advice to the Bank and the client. Blane is professional, efficient and adds value to the projects he is working on. His technical knowledge is excellent and his attention to detail and speed of delivery means we are able to release funds to our clients quickly which is essential for any funding arrangement.”

Katherine Smith, Associate Director, Debt Finance – OakNorth Bank (Funder)

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“I have worked with Blane for a number of years now with various funders. As a monitoring surveyor, he has always been commercial and placed the best interests of the project at the forefront of his approach. My commercial team have always been able to rely on his proactive service allowing us to progress efficiently with our development projects and drawdowns, helping us to build on the relationships with our funding partners. My team work closely with Blane and respect the advice that he provides at the outset and throughout the construction phase, clearly adding value to our projects. Blane would always be a monitoring surveyor of choice and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him.”

David Pownceby, Managing Director – Sunningdale House (Borrower)

“I have known Blane for over 10 years in a professional capacity, having instructed him to monitor numerous development schemes on behalf of various funders. Whilst he has proven a high level of technical knowledge, he also uses common sense when required. This adds value to both the funder and developer on each and every project. He quickly gets to grips with schemes and understands both the funder and developers requirements in terms of timings and costings. I see Blane as the Lionel Messi/ Cristiano Ronaldo of the profession as far as the quality of his workmanship is concerned, and he also provides exceptional value for money. He is my monitor of choice and I have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Andrew Stoneman, Head of Development Finance – Triple Point (Funder)

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan for over 15 years across 2 different lending entities and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.  As a monitoring surveyor, it's difficult to strike the commercial balance between what the funder expects and what the developer requires, this is something that comes naturally to Ryan. I’ve always looked at our professionals as an extension of our reputation and I’m safe in the knowledge that Ryan is protecting our schemes, whilst delivering for the developers.”
Matt Pigram, Partner & Head of Deal Origination – Maslow Capital (Funder)

"We have worked with Pride IMS and Luke Voce for numerous years on several schemes to date and have found their service to be superior to that of other monitoring surveying practices."

Harry Ladds, Director - MCR Property Group

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