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Pride is not just the name of the business; pride is at the heart of the business.

This is a business that prides itself on service, is proud of the clients we partner with and takes great pride in the team around us. 

There is no compromise on service quality delivery.


Independent Monitoring Surveying (IMS)

Independent Monitoring Surveying as defined by the RICS, also referred to as Project Monitoring/ Bank Surveying/ Fund Monitoring/ Funder Due Diligence.

We bridge the gap between the Funder and Developer (Borrower).

We are the technical 'eyes and ears' of the Funder, providing risk analysis and ensuring the right exit is maintained.

The IMS is often considered the Funders' last line of defence, Pride strives to differ in that we believe we should be the Funders first line of defence.

Pride IMS provides expert advice and will inform the Funder what they need to hear, not what they want to hear.

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